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Available Discounts:

  • Package policy (auto / home together )
  • Smoke detectors,  fire alarms, Central monitored burglar/ fire alarms
  • Non-Smoker
  • New home
  • Senior citizen
  • Civil Service Employee, such as  Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Teachers, PERS members
  • Medical Personnel, Doctors, Nurses, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner
  • Educator /Teacher /STRS members (current or retired)
  • Gated community
  • Indoor fire sprinklers
  • Married
  • Updates on electrical, plumbing, heating, roof
  • Public Utility employees  such as CalTrans employees, SMUD, PG&E, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T
  • PERS members, City employee, County employee, State employee (see list of State Agencies for Eligibility), Federal employee

Coverage’s explained

Knowing the different parts of your homeowners insurance policy and what the homeowners policy contains is very important to know. Knowing what is covered and knowing what is not covered is important to each consumer so that they can make the most educated choice when purchasing an homeowners insurance product. Homeowners insurance policies are typically divided into five distinct classifications of coverage to make it easier to find specific coverage’s on the homeowners insurance policy. Each coverage has specific limits as well as certain exclusions explained in the policy documents.

Section I — Property Coverages

Coverage A – Dwelling

Covers the cost of rebuild value of the dwelling itself but does not cover the land under the home. Homeowners insurance policies are written with a coinsurance clause which states that as long as the dwelling is insured to 80% or more of actual value, losses will be adjusted at replacement cost, up to the policy limits. This is in place to give a buffer against inflation.

Coverage B – Other Structures

This coverage provides protection to other structures around the property such as a fence, pool, gazebo or patio that are not used for business, except as a private garage. This coverage is typically covered for 10% but up to 20% of the homeowners insurance policies dwelling / building coverage depending on the issuing company and state law.

Coverage C – Personal Property

The Personal Property section covers the homeowner and family residing in the home’s personal property, with specified limits for the theft and loss of particular classes of items. Typically this coverage is equal to 50% and up to 70% of the properties dwelling (coverage A) as required for contents by state law. As the sentimental value and the typical replacement cost differ on certain items it is always a good idea to keep receipts or records on large purchase items.

Coverage D – Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses

This covers the expenses associated with a loss such as renting an apartment or house and additional costs for food or fair rental value, if part of the residence was rented, however only the rental income for the actual rent of the space not services provided such as utilities will be covered.

Additional Coverage’s

There is a wide variety of things covered in this section to include reasonable cleanup costs, Fire Department service, cost of permits and other costs associated with the loss. There is also coverage’s that can be added for high priced items such as paintings, expensive jewelry collectibles and other items provided there is an appraisal and a current picture of the item.


Section II — Liability Coverage’s

Coverage E – Personal Liability

This section covers damages which the insured is legally liable for and provides a legal defense at the insurance companies own expense. Liability has to not have been an intentional act – for example if an insured’s child hits a baseball and the ball flies over the fence of the property and smashes through the neighbor’s window and knocks over an expensive vase.  However if the insured or family member were to purposefully cause the damage then it will not be covered. This section also provides coverage for accidents that happen on the property such as slip and falls or if for example a part of the house were to fall on a person not a family member and there was injury this section would provide coverage for the lawsuit that would soon follow.


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